Savino Wants an Apology for Bloomberg Comments on DC 37

Diane Savino, a Democratic state senator with close ties to labor unions, said she wants Michael Bloomberg and his campaign to take back what they said about DC 37, which endorsed Bill Thompson today.

“The mayor and his campaign should apologize for the comments that they made about dDC 37,” said Savino, who was a member of that union before being elected to the state senate.

When asked about the union’s endorsement of Thompson, Bloomberg said today that he would not make “irresponsible promises” in exchange for an endorsement. (Bloomberg did later say that DC 37 members are “great” and do good work for the city. )

Bloomberg campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson called on Thompson to release the answers he gave in response to the union’s questionnaire, so “New Yorkers can learn what he promised DC 37 to secure their endorsement and how much his promises will cost New York taxpayers.”

Savino called it “offensive” because it was “insinuating that DC 37 made their decision because Bill Thompson made a promise that was not in the interest of the city of New York. That’s offensive. It’s offensive to Bill and offensive to DC 37.”

Savino Wants an Apology for Bloomberg Comments on DC 37