Sean Bell Parents Endorse Aborn

The parents of Sean Bell, the man who was shot and killed by police officers on his wedding day three years ago, are endorsing Richard Aborn for Manhattan district attorney, the campaign announced.

Bell’s parents, William and Valerie, said in a public statement that Aborn “has placed real emphasis on making sure that law enforcement and the community cooperate with one another. In order to improve relations, we need to work together, and a strong, respectful relationship between the police and the community is necessary for effective law enforcement.”

Aborn said he was “deeply moved and humble” to have their support.

It’s not the first endorsement from the family of well-known crime victim.

Stanley Patz, whose six-year-old son, was abducted and presumed killed in the 1970s, endorsed another candidate in the race, Leslie Crocker Snyder. She drew criticism at the endorsement event with Patz when she said she would bring a grand jury proceeding forward against the alleged murderer. Critics said it may prejudice the case to announce before an investigation a vow to bring legal action.

Sean Bell Parents Endorse Aborn