Senate Republicans Get Some Spoils Back

ALBANY—The Senate Republicans are coming into some money.

Sources in the chamber say that about $6 million of increased allotments to members would be going out, in connection with what a spokesman called the "significant reforms" adopted last month in the throes of a 31-day stalemate.

On Thursday, Minority Leader Dean Skelos's office faxed members saying that the base allotment would increase from the current $350,000 to $450,000 for senators, with an additional $50,000 appropriated for ranking members on standing committees, according to a Republican source.

Scott Reif, a spokesman for Skelos, said that the increases come after "an acknowledgment by Democrats that things were not equitable" but that the exact timing of the appropriation–whether it will happen this year or next–is unclear.

Republicans enjoyed majority status in the chamber for decades, before it was taken by Democrats in January. A spoils system of lopsided funding developed, only to come crashing down. Several Republicans were forced to lay off staffers.

Senate Republicans Get Some Spoils Back