Sharpton: Giuliani Is Good for Paterson

Or maybe not!

Despite the fact that David Paterson is not popular, doesn’t have much money in the bank, and has had a pretty difficult week–and in the face of more and more people expressing doubts about his chances of winning as Election Day approaches–Al Sharpton thinks that the governor's fortunes could improve thanks to…Rudy Giuliani.

As Sharpton left a fund-raiser for Paterson on West 31st Street a couple of nights ago, he told me, “The best thing to happen to the Democratic Party and David Paterson in many areas of the state, particularly downstate, is the threat of Rudy Giuliani.”

Sharpton said, “No one will want a primary and be in a disunited state against Giuliani.”

Sharpton said the Democrats “could” survive a primary heading into a general election against Giuliani, “but why take that chance.”

This is a very different view of the Rudy effect than, say, this one. Sharpton: Giuliani Is Good for Paterson