Shea: prosecutor ‘remains indebted, literally’ to Christie

In a statement released by Gov. Jon Corzine's campaign today, strategist Tom Shea says that "serious questions remain about the loan Republican gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie gave to First Assistant U.S. Attorney Michele Brown, and pushed the U.S. Attorney's office to move quickly in the release of information the campaign requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

"Chris Christie had at least four opportunities to comply with the law and disclose this loan, yet he failed to do so each and every time. There seems to be no mystery that he was determined to keep it secret," said Shea. The question is, why?"

"Christie and the U.S. Attorney's Office need to begin providing answers. They can start by immediately providing the specific dates of the promotions and salary increases Christie gave Michele Brown," Shea said. "We have filed a Freedom of Information Act request requesting this information, but our previous requests for such basic public information have been bottled up by Christie's friends for more than five months. The public shouldn't have to wait a day longer."

Shea questioned how Brown, the second ranking official in the federal prosecutor's office, can treat public corruption investigations in a non-partisan fashion "when she remains indebted – literally – to the Republican candidate for governor?"

" U.S. Attorney Ralph Marra is also reportedly facing questions about whether he inappropriately helped Christie's campaign," said Shea. "This whole episode raises grave questions about impartiality in our justice system, and the public deserves answers."

  Shea: prosecutor ‘remains indebted, literally’  to Christie