So go on, tell us, what are you wearing?

Flipping through glossy magazines and glimpsing all the preternaturally pretty people wearing flamboyant haute couture, one tends to think: Who actually wears this stuff? Enter Scott Schuman, a.k.a. The Sartorialist, who for the past four years has traveled the globe, snapping pictures of regular (read: not models) people sporting fantastic style for his eponymous blog. Thanks to him, fashion seems like fun and possibly within reach for all of us.

Now there’s a handsome collection of Schuman’s work, The Sartorialist: Bespoke Edition, a book of his favorite shots from Rio, Beijing, Stockholm and everywhere in between. Grandmas, skaters, pretty young ladies and lanky boys all put their best (well-shod) foot forward in fancy frocks and baggy pants, and the global, urban settings that make up Schuman’s backdrops add a touch of wanderlust. In the end, we ourselves may not look quite as good as Schuman’s subjects— but The Sartorialist’s photographs remind us that we probably could.

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