The Senate: Salaries and Contributions

ALBANY—Both the Senate and Assembly last week released their semiannual expenditure reports, showing how much members and central conferences spent on their staffers and supplies.

Here's a spreadsheet that NYPIRG's Bill Mahoney made from the Senate's report (which is available online as a PDF) showing staffers' salaries, as well as how much they gave and earned from campaign committees.

Bill warns that this will probably be inexact because the Excel gods only married exact name matches. Like if J. Joseph Vielkind gave to one candidate, and Jimmy Vielkind was on the payroll somewhere, you'd never know that I'm really just one person.

Overall, Mahoney writes in his analysis, about 14 percent of staffers contributed to campaign committees, and 38 percent were compensated by them in some way.

Also, the Times Union now has a searchable database of pork.

The Senate: Salaries and Contributions