The Week in DVR: Anna Wintour Is On Dave! Plus, Models, The Brat Pack, And Daniel Day-Lewis

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Monday: Late Night With David Letterman

We just can’t wait to see how the big guy handles his lead guest: Anna Wintour. The ever-elegant and chilly editor in chief of Vogue is mysterious, terrifyingly powerful and—even with magazines gasping for existence—as close to royalty in certain publishing circles as you are going to get. But with the release of the documentary The September Issue, a behind-the-curtains look at how the fashion bible is produced (apparently, dissing Sienna Miller’s neck and hair is part of the process!), Ms. Wintour has agreed to appear on Late Night like any other common celebrity to answer Mr. Letterman’s questions. We have so many already! Starting with, what on earth will she be wearing? And does she know how cold Dave likes to keep the studio and to bring a cardigan? Will Dave tell her she smells delicious? We. Can’t. Wait. [11:35 p.m., CBS]

Tuesday: St Elmo’s Fire

Where to start with this movie? First of all, it is not directed by John Hughes but rather auteur Joel Schumacher, though one might be forgiven for being confused. After all, is there a Brat Packier movie than this one? It’s got Demi Moore (playing out-of-control wreck Jules. Close your eyes, though, and you’ll swear its Lindsay Lohan. Spooky!), Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Mare Winningham, our 1985 would-be boyfriend Andrew McCarthy, Rob Lowe as awesome sax-soloist Billy Hicks and even Andie MacDowell, who shows up as a (snarf) doctor with super-pretty hair. ABC recently announced that this movie is being turned into a series, which makes us feel somewhat sad … and old. Here’s hoping the gang will still have cause to chant Booga Booga Booga Wah Wah Wah at least once per episode. [7:30 a.m., AMC]

Wednesday: Grindhouse

Congratulations are in order for Quentin Tarantino: His wacky Nazi-hunting Inglourious Basterds is not only a hit with critics, but also No. 1 this weekend at the box office. Today you can catch the 2007 double feature of Grindhouse, which includes Death Proof  (written and directed by Mr. Tarantino) and Planet Terror (written and directed by Robert Rodriguez), if you happen to have a spare 195 minutes. If not, we humbly recommend Death Proof, because the girls are so foxy and badass and we so love seeing Kurt Russell as a homicidal maniac (casting directors take note!). [1:20 a.m., ENC]

Thursday: Models of the Runway

What’s really kind of amazing is that it took the geniuses at Project Runway this long to spin off of their Project Runway cash cow with Models of the Runway. For the uninitiated, there’s always that fun moment in every Project Runway when all the model ladies come out in little black slips, and are forced to stand on the runway like cattle while the fashion designers pick. One is always out. It has brought some great drama in the past (remember “it’s a motherfucking walkoff”? Or when the normally tactful Tim Gunn described one poor soul as having an elongated marshmallow shape?). Last week’s first episode focused on a rather angry redhead, who is clearly going to bring the drama, but we can’t really tell all those skinny bitches apart yet. Tyra should be very, very worried.  [11 p.m., Lifetime]

Friday: There Will Be Blood

Before we get all caught up in Daniel Day-Lewis, song-and-dance man, which we’re sure will happen once we see the much anticipated (with the awesome trailer) Nine, let us sit back and remember him as the shadowy, complicated, darkly misanthropic Daniel Plainview in Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood. For the role that won him the Oscar, Mr. Day-Lewis goes deep and really kinda crazy dark! This is a movie that we promise gets better and more interesting with every viewing. Forget the now infamous “I drink your milkshake” line, what about when he puts that napkin over his face? And don’t you think hreally slapped Paul Dano around for that one scene? This is art! [4:30 p.m., ShoE]

The Week in DVR: Anna Wintour Is On Dave! Plus, Models, The Brat Pack, And Daniel Day-Lewis