The Week in DVR: Project Runway (Finally) Returns! Plus, Michael Cera Acts Adorable, Lindsay Lohan Was A Mean Girl

Monday: Glenn Martin, DDS
Once upon a time,  Michael Eisner was the chief executive at the Walt Disney Company and one of the most powerful men in the world. Now, he’s executive-producing a cartoon for Nick at Nite. What a world! At least the cartoon in question, Glenn Martin, DDS, looks like it could be pretty funny. Starring the vocal talents of Kevin Nealon and Catherine O’Hara (why hasn’t anyone thought of hooking these two up in a live-action vehicle?), Glenn Martin promises to re-imagine the family sitcom. Those goals might be lofty—after all, the admittedly cool stop-motion animation comes with a decidedly old-school laugh track—but at the very least this has to be better than the similar-looking The Goode Family, which came and went earlier this summer. [Nickelodeon, 8 p.m.]

Tuesday: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Three cheers for what amounts to just about the nicest movie we’ve seen in a long while. Almost everything about Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is sweet, tender, totally adorable or all three at the same time. Michael Cera (at the pinnacle of his awkward charms) and Kat Dennings (giving such a real performance that we’re not sure it can qualify as acting) play the titular couple and their infinite playlist is chock filled with justright indie music cues. It’s all great and fairly harmless; however, our absolute favorite moments occur anytime Ari Graynor—as the drunken best friend—appears onscreen. Get Ms. Graynor her own movie, stat! [Starz, 9 p.m.]

Wednesday: Hard Knocks: The Cincinnati Bengals
Are you ready for some football? HBO’s acclaimed sports reality show, Hard Knocks, returned last week, and to all of our good fortune, this season will follow the laughingstock Cincinnati Bengals. If you’re not familiar with the Bengals, just know that there’s a Web site devoted to chronicling how many player arrests they’ve had over the last few years and that their No. 1 wide receiver legally changed his last name to OchoCinco. Hard Knocks plays like a combination of The Real World and Friday Night Lights, but without any of the latter’s gravitas. This team needs Coach Taylor to teach them how to be men. Clear eyes, full hearts, the Bengals will probably still lose. [HBO, 8 p.m.]

Thursday: Project Runway
In reality television: One day you’re in, the next day you’re out. After nearly a year of legal battles and a network change (auf wiedersehen, Bravo, guten tag, Lifetime!), Project Runway returns with Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and a host of hopeful (and hopefully wacky) fashion designers. The sixth season premiere features a guest appearance by Lindsay Lohan, which just goes to show you how long this thing has been sitting on the shelf. [Lifetime, 10 p.m.]

Friday: Mean Girls
Speaking of LiLo! While Ms. Lohan has seen her career burst into flames following the surprise success of the Tina Fey–scripted comedy in 2004, the rest of the ladies in the cast—Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lizzy Caplan and the aforementioned Ms. Fey—have gone on to bigger and better things. We’d like to say there is some hope left for Ms. Lohan, but having seen her direct-to-television disaster Labor Pains, we have a feeling that ship has sailed. At least she’ll always have Mean Girls. [TBS, 8 p.m.]

The Week in DVR: Project Runway (Finally) Returns! Plus, Michael Cera Acts Adorable, Lindsay Lohan Was A Mean Girl