Today on August 17

Some highlights from our daily online coverage:

The White House Surrenders, Publicly, on the Public Option

The Rise and Falling of New York’s Busiest Building Buyer

Baratunde Thurston Explains the Future of … Lots of Things!

Random House Hires GQ Editor Andy Ward

WNET Switches Anchors on Worldfocus

Chris Matthews Reports on Kennedy Legacy in New Documentary for MSNBC

Work in the Sun at the Breakout Festival

Goldman Sachs Is City’s No. 1 Source of Sublease Office Space as Supply Mushrooms

Your Open House: Who’s Shelving the Wine Next To the Windex?

Box Office Breakdown: District 9 “Surprises” to the Delight of Film Critics Everywhere

The Week in DVR: Project Runway (Finally) Returns! Plus, Michael Cera Acts Adorable, Lindsay Lohan Was A Mean Girl Today on August 17