Velazquez Understands Paterson’s Frustration, to a Point

Representative Nydia Velazquez, who is not shy about discussing race and politics, said David Paterson does have some reason to gripe about the way he’s being treated.

Economic anxiety nationwide, plus voter dissatisfaction with Albany is “making it very difficult for the governor to get the bull by the horns.”

Valezaquez, speaking to me outside City Hall yesterday, said, “This is a guy, who is a leader, and yet has done a lot of proposals that were perceived by many unions as being, you know, taking it to corporate America. So, I can understand his reaction. I do understand that in terms of race relations, we still have a long way to go.”

When I asked her if she’s ready now to support him for election, Velazquez demurred, saying, “I’m a Democrat.”

When I suggested he may not be the only Democrat to seek that office, she said, “I don’t hear, or I don’t see any other candidates running.”

I asked if she’d like to see another candidate running.

“I would like to see the state getting into the business of doing the work on behalf of the voters,” she said, neatly. Velazquez Understands Paterson’s Frustration, to a Point