Walder, Walder’s Pay, Will Face Senate Hearings

CHESTERTOWN—Key state senators say the nomination of Jay Walder to lead the M.T.A. will likely be considered when the legislature reconvenes this fall–after hearings.

State Senator Martin Malave Dilan, chairman of the chamber's transportation committee, said he will likely hold a hearing, and said State Senator Bill Perkins is planning to do the same in New York City before Walder is considered by the full chamber.

"I may or may not allow advocates or other people who want to testify," Dilan said. "There's a big concern–I have a concern–with the package that he was offered. I'm concerned we're setting a bad precedent with public money."

Walder's nomination was not considered when senators were in Albany last week. It must be approved by the Transportation Committee, Perkins's Corporations and Authorities Committee and the Finance Committee, chaired by Senator Carl Kruger.

Kruger has been on record saying he wants to take a hard look at Walder. His chief of staff Jason Koppel told me that the nomination would be considered "this fall" but wouldn't specifically say if that meant September. (It's unclear exactly when David Paterson will call the legislature back to deal with a $2.1 billion budget deficit, but he has said it will be in September.)

Koppel also said Kruger was looking to hold a committee hearing in New York. Walder, Walder’s Pay, Will Face Senate Hearings