Weekend in Review: Bloomberg’s Fourth Term, Obama’s Long Week

Bloomberg discusses his plans for a fourth term.

Paterson vetoes a whole bunch of bills. Seventeen, to be exact.

Is Atlantic Yards Bloomberg's Waterloo? Probably not.

2008 election whiz Nate Silver interprets the most recent polls and explains why the Democrats should be worried about 2010, but maybe not too worried. 

39th City Council district candidate Josh Skaller rallies behind Gowanus, claiming that Paterson won't.

Thompson's major fund-raising woes.

City council candidates brawl–literally–over election rules in Queens. 

29th Congressional District Representative Eric Massa is iffy about $200 back-to-school grants for children whose parents are on welfare.

Housing desegregated in Westchester County.  

Rahm Emanuel: "more chief than staff."

The New York Times endorses Cy Vance for DA. 

Obama criticizes the media for overemphasizing disruptive health care protestors after a long week of town hall meetings. 

The First Family tours the Grand Canyon along the way. 

Next in the health care debate: dueling TV ads. 

Weekend in Review: Bloomberg’s Fourth Term, Obama’s Long Week