Where in the World Is Maer Roshan?

It hardly seems like a year ago, but remember last September? Just after Lehman declared bankruptcy, we dealt with a rapid wave of media closures here in the city: The Sun, 02138 and, for a third time, Radar.

But we didn’t expect that it would take long for Maer Roshan, Radar’s editor, to get up to a new trick. However many times he’d fallen before, he’d also proven, with dogged determination, that year after year he’ll return. Sure enough, in the weeks after Radar shut down, he tried, furiously, to get the last issue printed. It never hit the presses.

But then things got quiet. We heard that Mr. Roshan had gotten a gig as editor at large with the Daily Beast. There was a byline in February about red carpet snafus, then radio silence. No one knew quite where Mr. Roshan was, other than that he might be in Los Angeles.

In May, he resurfaced! A Keith Kelly item in the Post told us that Mr. Roshan had landed at The Week, where Daily Beast editor Tina Brown’s hubby, Harry Evans, is an editor at large. The item reported that Mr. Roshan was going to be the online editor of theweek.com.

But then, we didn’t see him on the masthead.  

So we decided to check in with Mr. Roshan. We found him late Monday afternoon on his cell from Los Angeles.

“It’s kind of great here! It’s sunny!” he said.

Mr. Roshan said he was never the online editor.

“It was an acting editor job,” he said. “It was to give [The Week] a little direction. It was never supposed to be a long-term thing. It was a consultancy job.”

So what does one do out in L.A.?

“You do things like go to the beach and work out,” he said.

Isn’t that the sort of stuff of which L.A. dreams are made!

More seriously, Mr. Roshan said he’s working on some TV projects

“I’m working on a project which has me here for four or five months,” he said.

Naturally, he wouldn’t give us a tell-all, nor even a hint of what it is he’s working on, but he told us he originally moved out to L.A. with TV in mind. And, he said, the TV gig is looking good. “Things have firmed up since I’ve been out here,” he said.

Does that mean he’s giving up on the city for good?

“I still have my apartment in New York, and I still love New York,” he said. “I’m not giving that up.”


  Where in the World Is Maer Roshan?