Who’s off the list?

21 included on the 2008 PolitickerNJ.com Power List were dropped this year, including four of the top ten. Some walked away: Bradley Abelow's power came from his position as Chief of Staff to Gov. Jon Corzine, while at the same time retaining virtual control over the State Treasurer's office. John Mara got his new football stadium and went away, declining to use the influence that comes with owning a popular sports team; he loses points for putting a big "NY" logo outside the new Giants offices that New Jerseyans helped pay for. We didn't include gubernatorial candidates on the list, so Christopher Christie, on the list since 2002, is off for this year. Either way, he'll probably be back, either as Governor or as a powerbroker lawyer. Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joseph Ferriero resigned and is awaiting his trial on federal corruption charges. Fran Dauth, Gary Rose and Kathy Crotty retired. Skip Hidlay moved from the politically influential Asbury Park Press to the move passive Home News Tribune. Bob Ingle? Well, he's still Bob Ingle.

Here's the list of former Power List members:

#1, Bradley Abelow, former Chief of Staff to the Governor
#2, John Mara, New York Giants President
#5, Chris Christie, former U.S. Attorney
#7, Joe Ferriero, former Bergen County Democratic Chairman
#27, Fran Dauth, former Editoral Page Editor, The Star-Ledger
#31, Lewis Eisenberg, former National Finance Chairman, McCain for President
#33, Skip Hidlay, Publisher, Home News Tribune
#36, Gary Rose, former Director, Governor's Office of Economic Growth
#51, Kathy Crotty, former Executive Director, Senate Majority Staff
#56, Dan Katz, Chief of Staff, U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg
#59, John Graham, Democratic fundraiser
#60, Celeste Fitzgerald, Executive Director, New Jerseyans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
#64, Bill Watson, Advisor to the Mayor of Trenton
#67, Mark Alexander, former New Jersey State Director, Obama for President
#76, Ron O'Malley, Bergen County Utilities Authority Chairman
#86, Pablo Fonseca, former Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Newark
#88, Bob Ingle, Gannett New Jersey columnist
#89, Carl Van Horn, Rutgers University Professor
#93, Tom Barrack, CEO, Colony Capital
#96, Joan Verplanck, President, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
#99, David Knowlton, President, New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute Who’s off the list?