‘You’ll Have to Talk to Him About That’

Yesterday, Michael Bloomberg's campaign spokesman attacked Bill Thompson for his "mismanagement" of the city pensions, which was also the subject of a critical A1 story in The Times yesterday.

Thompson's campaign pushed back, saying Bloomberg's appointees on the board supported the comptroller in each investment decision.

Today, after an event in Long Island City, Bloomberg said, "I've always respected Bill Thompson and the job he's done, but the numbers are the numbers and you'll have to talk to him about that."

"Keep in mind," Bloomberg added, "it is the comptroller's staff that basically has most of the power. The boards, in an organization like that, would essentially go along with."

When asked about calling Thompson one of the best comptrollers in New York City's history during a 2007 speech, Bloomberg said, "I think he's been a very good comptroller."

Bloomberg added, "It's been a pleasure to work with him for the last seven years. I even encouraged him to stay on as comptroller."
‘You’ll Have to Talk to Him About That’