25-year-old Bergen resident beats the crap out of ACORN

The Star-Ledger story about James Keefe, who led a conservative movement at Rutgers University just a few years ago, is a must-read. Keefe and journalism student Hannah Giles, wired with a video camera, spent the summer undercover, visiting ACORN offices across the nation:

"Posing as a prostitute and pimp, O'Keefe and Giles sought advice about obtaining loans for a proposed brothel, at one point dropping the fictitious nugget that they planned to use underage girls trafficked from El Salvador. Profits from the venture, the pair said, would fund a future congressional campaign."

"A camera rolled as ACORN employees in Brooklyn, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and San Bernadino, Calif., told O'Keefe and Giles how to evade law enforcement, shield their assets from the government and win loans for their illicit endeavor. The videos began airing last week, building outrage with each new revelation."

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