A Close Read of an Impostor Paper

Were you fooled? I was, very briefly, upon emerging from the subway at Union Square. The Yes Men (the same group that produced last year’s fake Times about the end of the Iraq war) handed out a fake issue of the New York Post today. It’s about global warming, the headline says “WE’RE SCREWED,” and by now everyone’s in on the joke.

But the Transom wanted to go deeper. Here’s our assessment of the non-Post below:

Best Headline:

FLOPENHAGEN–Will Things Go Rotten in the State of Denmark?

I’m still not entirely sure how to pronounce “Copenhagen,” so it’s possible this doesn’t hold up out loud.

Most Baffling:

New York’s all white with me

This is about using white roofing to cut down on energy consumption. Not about gentrification.

Most Irritating Fake Ad:

“Hello. I am a canvas tote bag.”

Go away, Anya Hindmarch.

Most Genuinely Distressing Element:

On the comics page, Hobbes dies of insect-bourne disease.

Too much. If you break our hearts, we can’t feel righteous fervor.

Most Complex Info-Graphic:

The weather page’s representation of frozen ocean-floor methane being released into the atmosphere.

Although the billowing flames above the water‘s surface seem a touch melodramatic.

Overall, a solid effort. Keep it up, Yes Men; we’d be curious to see a fake Observer. A Close Read of an Impostor Paper