Another County for Cox, But Bruno Says It’s Not Over Yet

ALBANY—Former Senate majority leader Joe Bruno warned not to count out Henry Wojtaszek in the contest to lead the state Republican Party. Bruno is backing Wojtaszek, the Niagara County chairman over Ed Cox, a Manhattan attorney.

Cox this morning announced that Warren County Chairman Mike Grasso has switched his support to him from Wojtaszek, and I reported yesterday that Saratoga County chairman Jasper Nolan is set to do the same. Fred Dicker, in a radio interview, asked Bruno about how the race was progressing and whether Cox was leading.

"I think that's what is reported and probably so, but it's not over until it's over," Bruno said, on WGDJ Talk 1300. A convention to elect a new chairman has not yet been called.

"They've got plenty of time to make their calls, to see people," Bruno said. "And that's the pure process. That's what ought to take place."

Dicker asked Bruno about a reported attack coming from the Wojtaszek camp that essentially criticizes Cox for being Richard Nixon's son-in-law. Bruno denied having anything to do with it.

Another County for Cox, But Bruno Says It’s Not Over Yet