At Duckie Brown, The Man-Models Came Out in Something That Resembled…Depends

Fashion Week is a time to take ridiculous things very seriously and not feel silly doing so. Fine, O.K. But at the Duckie Brown runway show this afternoon at Bryant Park, a few snickers slipped out when a male model walked out in what was probably a bathing suit (but may have been underwear) that was high-waisted and white and well, looked a lot like a diaper.

Most guests caught themselves once they realized how many others were not laughing and jotting down notes very diligently. But then another young man walked out in a one of these Depends-looking things, paired this time with a cardigan; and then another one in a sheer shirt and teeny underpants that didn’t even show from underneath the shirt. (Is there anything less attractive than a naked man in a shirt and no pants?) When the models all came out in a procession in the end, the clothed ones seemed to be mocking the other ones in diapers with their eyes. Except for the models that wore bubble shorts with the giant bow in the front.

In the audience the Transom found actor Robert Buckley, the one who is an identical twin of actor Scott Speedman. Mr. Buckley said he became a fan of Duckie Brown just recently. In fact, it is the only Fashion Week show the actor will be attending as he’s got to get back to North Carolina where he is filming One Tree Hill.

“I actually love fashion shows,” he told us. “It’s always a fun chaos. I like going backstage and seeing everyone so stressed out, and then coming out here where no one has any idea about the mayhem backstage. For the audience, the shows always seem so nice and relaxing.”

But every once in a while they get a jolt!

  At Duckie Brown, The Man-Models Came Out in Something That Resembled…Depends