Baaa! 80s Reign at L.A.M.B., Rocker Gwen Stefani’s Line

Gwen Stefani, 39, has kept busy in the last year. First, there was the birth of her second child, Zuma, followed by a huge tour with her recently reunited band, No Doubt. In between she managed to design the Spring ’10 collection for her clothing line, L.A.M.B., named after her first solo album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

The show started fifteen minutes late and everyone looked pretty stressed by the time they were let up to the 8th floor of Milk Studios. But Toto’s wonderfully cheesy 1982 hit “Africa” was there to greet them, and everything took a more lighthearted turn.

Models walked out onto pedestals in gloriously ‘80s street chic with off-the-shoulder shirts, lots of skin, and almost unbearably short dresses. Ms. Stefani appeared looking quite a bit like one of her models, wearing a short, blue jacket, puffy black pants with cargo pockets, and a pensive smile. That smile grew larger as everyone started to applaud and the photographers relentlessly snapped pictures. Afterwards, at least five enormous guys in black suits barricaded the photographers and reporters from catching a second glimpse of the singer-turned-fashion designer.

The clothes, however, were easily accessible.

“We love the whole idea of a presentation,” said Paul Wilmot, L.A.M.B.’s publicist. “The defining moment comes about four or five times. You can touch the clothes if you want.”

In keeping with the show’s theme, many attendees were dressed in punk chic with lots of color, tight ripped pants, and low-cut, loose-fitting shirts. It was a big change from the largely disillusioned, hopeless look that pervaded runways and audiences alike last February.

“I’m looking to see more color,” said Zanna Rassi, senior fashion editor at Marie Claire, said. “That light at the end of the gloomy tunnel.”

The clothing line has matured since its chaotic, unorganized runway debut in 2005. It all felt like a reference to the designer’s new role as a mother of two, and her ultimately fruitful struggle of losing the baby weight. But don’t tell her that.

“The only thing parenting has to do with my collection is that the babies aren’t in my stomach anymore,” Ms. Stefani said. She prefers to call L.A.M.B “the thing you’re looking for in your closet.” Baaa! 80s Reign at L.A.M.B., Rocker Gwen Stefani’s Line