Booby Prize

Little Election, Big Union


The candidates were out and about, but it didn’t feel much like an election day.

On the corner of 11th Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, Councilman and Democratic mayoral contender Tony Avella competed for attention from a modest flow of passersby with the son of district attorney candidate Leslie Crocker Snyder.

Mr. Avella, who had just returned from a lunch break at home in Queens, said things were going “all right.”



An If-You-Must Primary


On Sept. 15, at a senior center off Grand Street, some old people doing tai chi and waiting for lunch were visited by Robert Morgenthau, Sheldon Silver, Cy Vance and Alan Gerson.

Mr. Gerson, a 51-year-old Democratic Council incumbent facing a competitive primary, at one point was heard telling one of the residents, “I’ll get reelected, then I’ll get married.”

Mr. Gerson, who lives at home with his parents, repeated the line to me, and said, “My mother is still hoping.”

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