Box Office Breakdown: Cloudy Continues to Shine, Bruce Willis Does Not

The sun is still shining on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! For a second straight week the animated film dominated what was a sluggish session at the multiplex, grossing an estimated $24.6 million and setting itself up as one of the sleeper hits of the fall (not to mention giving us the opportunity to make more weather related puns). Storm clouds did, however, circle around the latest batch of new releases (see?). The $80 million budgeted Surrogates landed in second place with only $15 million; Fame tripped into third with just $10 million; and Pandorum crashed into sixth, accumulating only $4.4 million in ticket sales. Thankfully, it wasn’t all bad news for the freshman class: Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story banked $240,000 from just four theaters, meaning it averaged a brawny $60,000 per screen. Numbers like that would make even Ben Bernanke jealous. As we do each Monday, here’s a breakdown of the top five at the box office.

1. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: $24.6 million ($60 million total)

Ladies and gentlemen: we have legs! The Sony 3-D hit dipped a ridiculously low 18 percent from last weekend and has now crossed $60 million in ticket sales to date. To put this into perspective, the only other number one film to have a smaller second weekend depreciation in 2009 was February’s Taken, and that went on to gross $145 million. With no other animated films on the horizon and obviously great word-of-mouth, the chances are good that Meatballs could follow a similar path.

2. Surrogates: $15 million ($15 million total)

If you take away Live Free or Die Hard, Bruce Willis hasn’t had a live action film gross over $100 million at the box office since The Sixth Sense in 1999, a streak that covers a whopping 17 films. Yikes! We hate to sound so negative, but the shoe fits: it appears the days of considering Bruno a movie star are really just about over.

3. Fame: $10 million ($10 million total)

Apparently learning to fly high means barely hitting $10 million at the box office. Not only did Fame pale in comparison to other dance movies like Save the Last Dance and Step Up, it also wound up doing worse than even the ill-fated Rent big screen adaptation. Why doesn’t Hollywood just make a movie out of Dancing with the Stars and get it over with already?

4. The Informant!: $6.9 million ($20.9 million total)

Despite having an ad campaign that falls decidedly into the bait and switch category—after all, the  movie the trailer sold does not exist on screen—The Informant! held up reasonably well over the weekend, dipping only 33 percent. At this rate, the Steven Soderbergh film could wind up grossing around $40 million overall, a number that is similar to that of Michael Clayton. Of course, Michael Clayton wound up with seven Oscar nominations. We’re not sure if the The Informant! will even get one.

5. Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself: $4.7 million ($44.5 million total)

The Tyler Perry Express continued to roll along over the weekend, holding off the opening of Pandorum ($4.4 million/$4.4 million total) to finish fifth at the box office. What else is there to say about Mr. Perry? By the time it’s done, Bad will probably wind up grossing what an average Tyler Perry movie grosses, almost to the dollar. If there is a more consistent filmmaker in Hollywood, we have yet to see them.

Box Office Breakdown: Cloudy Continues to Shine, Bruce Willis Does Not