Brad Lander Wants Unauthorized Ad Investigated

Brad Lander is calling for an investigation into how an advertisement purportedly from his campaign denouncing gay rights got published in a Yiddish newspaper.

“[O]ur campaign did not request, see, authorize, approve, or pay for this advertisement. It contains false and misleading statements that are inconsistent with, and harmful to, our campaign,” Lander’s treasurer, Margaret Barnette, wrote in an August 31 letter to the city Campaign Finance Board.

The ad appeared in the August 27 edition of Der Blatt, which, according to Lander’s campaign, will issue a letter to its readers explaining the situation.

But how it happened is still unclear.

The Brooklyn-Star got the ad translated, and, according to them, it said, “Mr. Lander strongly opposes various types of abominations and immoral laws, which are a major issue in the current election.”

Lander is running for the City Council seat in Brooklyn being vacated by Bill de Blasio, which, in addition to having lots of progressive voters, also includes many orthodox Jews who are more socially conservative. Brad Lander Wants Unauthorized Ad Investigated