Bruce Ratner Not Helping Barclays’ Bad Year

Yesterday, the state’s development agency signed off on the latest plan for Atlantic Yards and that futuristic Barclays Center.

Two years ago, Barclays paid somewhere between $300 and $400 million dollars for what it thought would be an iconic Frank Gehry building, but that didn’t quite go as planned–what with Bruce Ratner dumping Mr. Gehry sometime last winter, and then a less-than-iconic design emerging in June, before a more inventive set of renderings finally emerged last week.

The Wall Street Journal says it’s been that kind of year for the British bank.

The naming rights were supposed to have been part of a larger plan to turn Barclays into a premier finance firm–a household name along the lines of Goldman Sachs or Citigroup. It was Barclays, after all, that swooped in and bought Lehman’s leftovers when things went south last fall. But Barclays is still waiting for those Lehman assets to pay off, and according to the Journal, it’s still a “long road before they can say they have arrived among the world’s elite.”

But the bank is also getting its name plastered on the Atlantic Avenue subway stop, so–assuming the project comes to fruition–Barclays should become a household name in at least a few Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Bruce Ratner Not Helping Barclays’ Bad Year