Christie host committee member invited Jeb to Princeton fundraiser

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the brother of former President George W. Bush, turned up at a fundraiser for Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie tonight.

“He was invited by one of the host committee members,” said Christie spokeswoman Maria Comella.

The host committee member reached out to Bush directly and did not check with the Christie campaign.

Comella did not know whether Bush donated any money at and would not name the host committee member who invited him. She also could not say whether Bush had any other business in the region.

Gov. Jon Corzine has spent millions of dollars reminding voters that Christie – who was appointed U.S. Attorney by President Bush in 2001 – was a major fundraiser for Bush’s 2000 campaign, earning the honorary title of “Pioneer.”

In a November, 2008 Quinnipiac University poll, President Bush had an 18% approval rating in New Jersey.

The Corzine camp – which last month played up the disclosure that Christie spoke with former Bush political point man Karl Rove about a potential run for governor — did not pass up the opportunity to once again associate Christie with Bush.

"Christie has vowed to do for New Jersey what George Bush did to the country, by embracing his massive tax cuts for big corporations that will force property taxes higher and drive us deeper into debt and deficit. If that’s the economics he embraces, it’s no surprise Christie is embracing Bush’s brother," said Corzine Communications Director Sean Darcy.

Christie host committee member invited Jeb to Princeton fundraiser