Clinton on Paterson on the Today Show

On the Today show this morning, former President Bill Clinton offered his thoughts on whether Governor David Paterson will run in 2010.

“If he thinks he’s got a reasonable chance to win, I think he’ll probably run,” Clinton told Matt Lauer. “If he thinks the chances are 1 in 10 or worse, I think he probably won’t.”

Clinton admitted Paterson is “not in good shape now,” but said the governor is a “good man who has achieved a lot in his life.”

Clinton said people who know Paterson “tend to really like him,” and that he trusts the governor to do the right thing–whatever that might be.

“I think he will do in the end what he believes is best for the people in New York. We should trust him to do that. I trust him to do that,” Clinton said.

Clinton on Paterson on the Today Show