Codey absorbs news of Sweeney’s backers, won’t give up

WEST ORANGE – Senate President Richard Codey (D-Roseland) smiled as he considered the news of Senate Majority Leader Steve Sweeney’s (D-West Deptford) upper-hand in their play for backing in a caucus leadership fight.

Sweeney’s commitment of support from 14 members in a 23-member caucus appears to give him enough to defeat Codey, who’s served as senate president for six years.

“I don’t have a comment,” said Codey to reporters as he walked out of his office and made for the parking lot.

He turned and his smile widened as he quoted Sweeney’s comment about their leadership battle.

“One hand behind his back?” Codey said. “One hand behind his back?”

His office simultaneously released an official statement.

“As I have said before, my focus and energies are on re-electing Jon Corzine as Governor and helping Assembly candidates throughout the state in their campaigns,” said the senate president.”Everyone knows leadership battles are a fluid and ever-changing process – and what is today, is not tomorrow. We have five weeks until election day and I intend to continue to do all I can for Governor Corzine and Assembly Democrats across the state.”

Codey absorbs news of Sweeney’s backers, won’t give up