Comptroller Candidates Justify Comptroller’s Office

Kate McGee pulls a couple of quotes from Brian Lehrer's interview with the comptroller candidates in which he asked them what the point of the office is.

John Liu: “This is the chief financial officer in the city. Not CFO in the traditional sense that works very closely with the CEO.But someone who is independently elected, [someone] that should work with the mayor whenever necessary, but will always be an independent check on the city agencies to make sure there is no waste in the budget."

Melinda Katz, on whether the comptroller can set policy: “If you make an investment decision, whether it’s diverting money to specific growth industries that’ll create jobs in the city, or you’re divesting from companies that have business ties to Iran–I mean that’s setting policies. If you do an audit where you highlight the inefficiencies of an agency or discontinue an agency that doesn’t work, that’s setting policies.”

WNYC is hosting a comptroller debate tonight at 7 p.m. Listen here. Comptroller Candidates Justify Comptroller’s Office