Coughlin goes last

WOODBRIDGE – Retired municipal Judge Craig Coughlin, who serves as counsel for the Woodbridge governing body, makes the most direct Democratic Party pitch to the assembled committee members here at the Forge.

He’s been a committee member, and he reminds the crowd of the fact.

“I’ve been out there supporting candidates and pounding signs,” says the Woodbridge lawyer.

He describes himself as a fierce, out of the cradle Democrat, who once aksed his mother, “Mom, why are we Democrats?”

“Because Democrats care.”

Modest applause.

Now Middlesex County Democratic Party Chairman Joe Spicuzzo rises and goes to the podium and tells people it’s time to vote.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Sayreville) stands in the crowd.

In a few minutes he’s going to know if he will be running for reelection with Coughlin, Mathias Rodriguez, or Jean Pierce.

Coughlin goes last