Crime Waves: Combustible Beauty Supplies, Inscrutable Cows

The Times reports that Betim Kaziu, a 21-year-old Brooklyn man, has been accused of attempting to aid terrorists. Kaziu allegedly traveled to Cairo seeking militant training. His family, apparently, is shocked. “This is totally unlike him,” his sister told the paper, adding he did not have an especially religious upbringing.

Another surprise source of alleged terrorist activity: the beauty supply store. The Post details Denver terror suspect Najibullah Zazi’s shopping list of fixings for explosives, which included hair products:

Clairol’s Liquid Developer Clairoxide, Ms. K Liquid 40 Volume and Ion Sensitive Scalp Developer took on a whole new sinister meaning in the hands of the band of terrorists, the feds claim.

Another Post article cites “nail-polish remover and hydrogen peroxide.” The case against Zazi is “one of the most serious in years,” says The Times. It does not detail the provenance of his ingredients.

And today’s Daily News was preoccupied with unlikely crimes involving the natural world. Vandals have destroyed dozens of trees in Queens, “the worst case of arborcide in recent memory,” according to the Parks Department.

“It looked like carnage,” Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski told the paper.

Elsewhere, the Daily News reports that a New Jersey police officer, Robert Melia, is off the hook for allegedly having had sex with cows—a judge ruled that a grand jury would be unable to determine whether the animals were “tormented.” Melia is still charged with sexual assaults on three girls, a case that will presumably present fewer ambiguities.

  Crime Waves: Combustible Beauty Supplies, Inscrutable Cows