Cryan says he’s focused on elections

Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (D-Union) does not want to address the prospect of running for Speaker just yet.

“I’ve got a job that I’m going to focus on as chairman of the party, working to get Democrats elected,” he said. “I’m as accountable as anyone for making sure we retain the Assembly majority, so I’m just going to keep my focus there and see where things go.”

The Star-Ledger reported last night that Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts (D-Camden) will not seek reelection after over a year of speculation about whether he would remain. Cryan’s name has frequently surfaced as a potential replacement.

Cryan has led the Democratic State Committee since 2006 and has been in the assembly since 2002, where he currently serves as Deputy Majority Leader. He is also an undersheriff in Union County.

Others said to be in the running for the top post: Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Trenton) and Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Sayerville).

Democrats will have to keep a majority in the Assembly if the next speaker is to be a member of their party. Republicans are not expected to wrest control of the body in this year’s elections, although internal polls show promise for them in several Democratically-held legislative districts.

Cryan says he’s focused on elections