Cumberland freeholder race update

Republicans are continuing their assault on Cumberland County Freeholder Director Lou Magazzu over the way he funded his unsuccessful candidacy for a leadership position in the National Association of Counties (NACo).

The latest Republican release questions Magazzu’s loan of $10,000 from the Cumberland County Democratic Party, which he runs. Magazzu today released the date on which he paid it back: August 28th. Republicans let loose a host of questions, including what the term of the loans were and whether there was any interest paid. GOP freeholder Sam Fiocchi questioned why it was made two days after the party filed its ELEC report.

“I talked to the campaign manager, the Millville chair, Brendan Kavanagh, and let him know I was doing it. I said listen Brendan, it will be paid back in a month, and he said ok,” said Magazzu, who added that the donation will show up on the October ELEC report, when more people are paying attention.

Magazzu said he did not see anything wrong with the county political organization he runs loaning him money for a separate endeavor.

“The organization will also be writing checks for my reelection campaign. Is there anything wrong with that?” he said. “This is really much ado about nothing.”

After sweeping every countywide office that was up in last November’s election, Cumberland County Democrats this year find themselves with a much more challenging political environment. Not only do they have to run with an unpopular incumbent governor at the top of the ticket, but they’re facing a full slate of former Democratic freeholders who are running as independents, along with three Republicans.

Magazzu, for his part, said that the Cumberland County Democrats are energized, and pointed to a well-attended $350 per head fundraiser they held last night in Centerton as evidence.

Magazzu estimated that the party cleared over $100,000 from the event, which was attended by most party insiders.

“The renegades are isolated and alone,” he said of the three rebel Democrats. Cumberland freeholder race update