Cuomo and Dicker on Cuomo’s Success

ALBANY—Fred Dicker and Andrew Cuomo just bantered on WGDJ about why Cuomo is so awesome: specifically, why he has a 69 percent approval rating–the highest of any elected official in New York–while David Paterson has a 20 percent approval rating.

"You didn't start out with such high numbers. Why do you think some of these other politicians here in New York, other elected officials, aren't doing nearly as well?" Dicker asked.

"I don't know," Cuomo replied. "I mean, it depends on what they're doing and why, and I don't know."

"Why do you think the governor is at 20 percent job approval rating?" Dicker asked.

"You know, look, these are very difficult times…" Cuomo began before Dicker cut him off.

"Well wait a minute, wait a minute. Jodi Rell, it was shown in Connecticut earlier this week in a Quinnipiac poll, to be at 59 percent positive approval rating, and she's making tough decisions over there on the budget," Dicker said.

(The poll shows Rell's approval rating dropped, and most voters felt she "copped out" by refusing to sign or veto the recent state budget. But the point is that she's doing a lot better than David Paterson.)

"Connecticut. How do you spell Connecticut, by the way? What do I know of Connecticut?" Cuomo said.

"You know what Connecticut is?" Dicker replied. "That's the place where wealthy New Yorkers now live."

Cuomo laughed, until Dicker changed the subject to Cuomo's pursuit of Dell Computer. Cuomo and Dicker on Cuomo’s Success