Daggett brings out the impersonators again

Independent gubernatorial candidate Christopher Daggett is back with another advertisement that ruthlessly mocks Governor Corzine and Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie with impersonators.

The nine-minute internet spot features a mock debate. In it, Daggett – who is played by himself – comes off as the only candidate with specific government solutions, while an aloof Corzine looks at his hands and reads New York magazine, and an excitable Christie shifts between obsessing on jail, sleeping, bashing Corzine and even throwing his shoe.

Daggett, who laid out his tax plan at a press conference yesterday, tells viewers that “throughout this campaign, I’ve been the one candidate willing to tell you the truth and provide specifics as to what I would do as your Governor.”

Corzine’s impersonator sits back and lets his money do the talking.

“Sure I haven’t done most of the things I said I’d do four years ago, but Is pent a lo tof money wooing you then, and I’m showing you how much I care by spending a lot of money now,” he says. “And you’re always on my mind, except when I’m out of state or over the river in New York.”

Christie’s impersonator mentions that, although his wife and brother work in the finance industry, the similarity to Jon Corzine “ends there.”

“Many have criticized my campaign for lacking specifics, but I promise you I will get around to that sometime after the election,” he says.

Daggett brings out the impersonators again