Daggett promotes upcoming look-a-like ad

Independent gubernatorial candidate Christopher Daggett took advantage of the slow news day to issue a tongue-in-cheek press release denying “reports” that he was going to hire Richard Dreyfuss to play Jon Corzine and John Goodman to play Chris Christie in an upcoming ad.

“Despite the 2-for-1 magic of public financing, we just could not afford to hire actors of Dreyfuss’ stature or Goodman’s girth,” said Daggett spokesman Tom Johnson.

Daggett, who hired Minnesota-based ad consultant Bill Hillsman – known for creative political ads — is getting ready to launch an ad featuring Corzine and Christie look-a-likes. He plans to give users who sign up on his Web site a sneak peak at it later today. Daggett promotes upcoming look-a-like ad