Diaz Doesn’t Want to Fight With Jeff Klein

ALBANY—State Senator Jeff Klein’s quote this morning in The Capitol about his colleagues in the Democratic conference was pretty blistering: he said that “quite frankly, all of these people shouldn’t be in the majority.”

 “I’d hate to have to be the judge, but they should really be in the minority. Because they’re really not ready to lead, they don’t understand how the legislative process works, that no matter who you are-majority leader, deputy majority leader-you have job to do. Go do it!”

Liz reported that Klein, whose career has not profited from the maneuverings of the Democratic amigo sub-conference, walked back the statement in Buffalo at the Democratic State Convention, and quoted State Senator Eric Adams saying Klein “either they said it out of pain anger and frustration they’re not saying it out of reality.”

After I read him the quote over the phone, State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. responded with one word: “Oops.”

“You could quote me as saying that I don’t want to comment on anything Jeff Klein says, because I don’t want to be in a fight with Jeff Klein,” Diaz said, before excusing himself to go back to a steak lunch with this staff.

That Klein is pining to be majority leader is no secret. The story focused on the potential of him running for attorney general.

Diaz Doesn’t Want to Fight With Jeff Klein