Elsewhere: ‘Caveman,’ Der Blatt

Josh Skaller hits Brad Lander for that ad in Der Blatt, which Lander said he did not authorize.

Lander’s operative, Tichok Fleischer, said he spoke with the newspaper, but did not approve of the language in the ad. The Times Ledger obtains the invoice.

Here’s one way to get a reporter to your event.

The Daily Kos parses the candidates in New York’s 23rd.

Three lobbying firms got slapped.

Localities will be paying more into their pension funds.

State Senator George Maziarz is a caveman?

Brian Taffe is leaving Capital News 9.

Oliver Koppell attacked his challenger for printing material out of state.

Challenger Landon Dais works his campaign people hard.

Scott Stringer touted Cy Vance’s “national” experience.

Stringer and Bill Thompson complain about school overcrowding.

Tony Avella goes on the Perez Notes.

On health care, Anthony Weiner said, “We really do need presidential leadership here and we need it to be pretty tough.”

Weiner helps separate baseball and Yom Kippur.

The Villager goes with Margaret Chin over incumbent Alan Gerson.

Christine Quinn did not attend an August 28 debate, due to a scheduling conflict.

Karol Sheinin runs into a Quinn protest.

Some people are going to a lot of trouble to demonstrate against John Liu.

Long shot: The brother of a conservative columnist is running for Council, on the Upper West Side.

Here’s more on Hassan Nemazee.

And above is an invoice from Der Blatt to the Lander campaign for an ad that appeared in the paper recently, which Lander said he did not authorize.

Elsewhere: ‘Caveman,’ Der Blatt