Elsewhere: Collins Fires a Shot, Andrew Cuomo Speaks, a Newspaper Chain Endorses

Michael Bloomberg was endorsed by the Western Queens Gazette, which said of Bill Thompson, “this is not his year.”

A chain of local newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch also endorsed Bloomberg, calling his extension of term limits “a blemish on an otherwise stellar record.”

Chris Collins took a shot at Andrew Cuomo.

Dear Fellow Democrat…

SteveinNYC has ideas about who won and who lost in the runoff.

Dede Scozzafava stopped by Scott Murphy’s office when he wasn’t around.

More Republicans endorsed Scozzafava.

Bloomberg wants the state to lift the cap on charter schools, and to put some of them in public housing.

Bloomberg also wants the state to give the city schools chancellor the power to approve charter schools.

“I know I speak for thousands of Working Families Party members when I say that we are thrilled to have played a part in their victories,” wrote Dan Cantor about the run-off elections.

Michael Scotto’s take: “De Blasio did not just defeat Green; he crushed him by more than 20 points, a humiliating loss for the former public advocate, who had hoped to resurrect his political career.”

Rwallnerny was lonely at the voting booth.

Gatemouth learns to trust his instincts.

Christine Quinn isn’t ready to endorse a mayoral candidate.

Eric Gioia endorsed Thompson.

The Western Queens Gazette fears the local delegation will be diminished, with or without Quinn.

Erin Einhorn gives space to John Liu’s general election opponent, Joe Mendola.

Graham Rayman has a deep look at newspapers.

Should Dr. Daines be immunized?

Chairman Jay Jacobs, officially.

Andrew Cuomo is still planning to run for AG, officially.

But he’s talking like he’s running for governor.

Hiram Monserrate’s girlfriend testified.

Majority Leader Schumer?

And Bill de Blasio has something to say to Sarah Palin. Elsewhere: Collins Fires a Shot, Andrew Cuomo Speaks, a Newspaper Chain Endorses