Elsewhere: ‘Cut the President Some Slack’

There were some irregularities in New York City's primary voting.

Turnout is, as predicted, low.

Here's where you can find the candidates today.

On the stump, Bryon Brown promises Buffalonians flat screen TVs.

Mailers in Albany.

"No comment on that. We are just very grateful for his donation," said the principal of a school where former Senator Joe Bruno steered a state grant for a playground, and where Bruno appeared for an announcement, when asked about his pending corruption case. "He's been a pillar here in South Troy for a long time."

"Cut the President some slack," Barack Obama said after calling Kanye West a "jackass."

Has Eric Gioia mentioned he's a father?

Tony Scannapieco backed Ed Cox, again.

A guide to Congressional insults.

So much for Senator Giuliani.

Michael Bloomberg and London mayor Boris Johnson visited Columbia.

Matt Damon was at City Hall.

Tea partiers will invade Green Island, a village just west of Troy that is neither green nor an island.

Someone was shooting at Joe Biden.

There's now a web site for David Paterson's police shootings task force.

Dean Skelos wants New York to stop sending money to ACORN.

Bill Thompson talked about "change" when he voted.

Ben Bernanke says the end is near. Elsewhere: ‘Cut the President Some Slack’