Elsewhere: Flipping on Wojtaszek, Campaigning With Illusionists

Barack Obama spoke to the children, and warned them about Facebook.

Bill Lynch Associates could owe the state more than $1 million.

The Ulster County Republican chairman flipped his support to Henry Wojtaszek.

Joe Biden will host a fund-raiser for Bill Owens.

Doug Hoffman announced his campaign team.

Andrew Cuomo sent a letter blasting Bank of America for not cooperating with an ongoing investigation.

Bob Conner notes that it is in the offices of a “notorious union-busting firm.”

Here’s audio of Dov Hikind’s radio show, where he interviewed Bill de Blasio and Brad Lander.

Michael Bloomberg entertains Dutch royalty.

Bloomberg gets endorsed by Jorge Posada and his wife, who can’t vote for him.

Melinda Katz opposes investing in “death bonds,” because it’ll lead to higher premiums and less coverage.

The Manhattan district attorney candidates are profiled.

Reader me_writing wants fewer photos and more meat.

Readers Anonymuseeewq and Matra debate the existence of a John Liu bias here.

Photographer Richard B. Levine sends over this image of a Bloomberg campaign tracker from 2005.

The N.R.A. tells people not to vote for Richard Aborn.

Thompson people will live-Tweet their debate tomorrow.

Larry Sabato has a flashback.

For some reason, Anthony Weiner’s 2005 mayoral ads are on Youtube.

And here’s Richard Aborn, with David Blaine, on the campaign trail.

Elsewhere: Flipping on Wojtaszek, Campaigning With Illusionists