Elsewhere: Goodbye, Brian Taffe

Tonight is Brian Taffe's last Capital Tonight broadcast before he leaves for a new job in Philadelphia. You can watch (upstate) between 8 and 9 tonight to see Brian say goodbye, and see Jimmy get into a shouting match with Liz.

Glenn Thrush talks with Purnick, Lisberg and Muzzio about Bloomberg.

Was it energy efficient for Bloomberg to take a helicopter to New Jersey?

Bloomberg goes negative, and gets hit by Carly Lindauer.

Tom DiNapoli warns the state's deficit will balloon. Big time.

Jarrett Murphy sees Bloomberg shying away from taking credit for extending term limits.

Some conservatives believe in global warming.

A man accused of burning a flag in Rensselaer County got pilloried, for real.

David Yassky sends out run-off mailers.

John Liu and Yassky wake up Jen Chung.

Cash for mustaches.

Henry Wojtaszek backed Ed Cox.

Liu said he wouldn't cave in on Tier V, even with a newspaper endorsement in the offering.

Dede Scozzafava launched a web ad, which is not the same as a real ad.

Nicole Gelinas whacks Liu for Tier V.

There's a new Republican chair in Jefferson County.

The Kingsbridge Armory development, still troubled.

Tracey Lloyd goes below the belt. Elsewhere: Goodbye, Brian Taffe