Elsewhere: Paterson’s Plans, Cuomo’s Connection

Bill Clinton has a moment with Michael Bloomberg.

Meet the Press will meet David Paterson.

I did not sign up for this,” said Paterson, who suspects Andrew Cuomo had something to do with Obama’s move this week.

I’m sure it didn’t bother him,” Paterson said of Cuomo’s reaction to the White House.

Paterson promises he’s here for the duration.

Michelle Paterson is surprised at what Obama did.

Legislative leaders didn’t jump too high to endorse David Paterson.

Paterson is haunted because he’s an incumbent, writes Larry Littlefield.

Dan Janison expects more candidness from Paterson.

An ad says Tom Suozzi is running for governor. He’s not (yet).

Michael Meyers writes that being black isn’t enough for an elected official.

Monchichipox is voting for Paterson because of Obama’s interference.

LovingMcGee29 says Liu and de Blasio will be powerful weapons against Bloomberg this November.

A drunk driver rear-ended George Maziarz (who’s okay.)

Mens Wear Daily doesn’t like Bloomberg’s dietary politics.

Bob Hardt describes the Times’ assignment of a piece on Michael Bloomberg’s eating habit as “an interesting editorial decision.”

Calvin Butts endorsed Bloomberg.

Bloomberg drew Jim Prentice away from the U.N.

Joe Crowley, Anthony Weiner, Greg Meeks and Obama flew on Air Force 1.

David Sirota wants to do to the White House and Congress what the Working Families Party is doing to Democrats here.

Erin Einhorn says “we’ve got ourselves a race here” in the run-off.

Frank Lombardi thinks the races are not hard to predict.

The Western Queens Gazette endorses Liu and Mark Green.

Challenger Mark Griffith notes that 70 percent of Democrats voted against Democratic nominee Al Vann.

The Commission on Public Integrity wants to know what campaigns lobbyists are contributing to.

Andrew Cuomo arrested eight more people for health insurance fraud.

Tom DiNapoli signed an order banning pay-to-play.

Joel Klein adjusts.

Republicans are out-tweeting Democrats.

And pictured above is Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch talking to reporters, as Charles Poletti looks on. Elsewhere: Paterson’s Plans, Cuomo’s Connection