Elsewhere: The Runoffs Cometh

As we wrote yesterday, the heads of state agencies will no longer have assigned state cars.

Stimulus projects cost less than we thought.

The general public won’t be able to see Barack Obama in Troy.

David Chen doesn’t hear Paterson roar for Thompson.

“I admire him as a Democrat and as a friend,” Paterson said of Thompson.

Paterson also likes the anti-Bloomberg literature.

College students who smoke may not like Bloomberg.

Poll: Asians voted for John Liu.

Run-off mail.

Run-off money.

Anon88 suggests researching the results.

Will Simcha Felder be in the bathroom, again, when the Council votes for Quinn as speaker?

Another reader, Working Father, says Quinn’s refusal to back Thompson could be her undoing.

Jimmy will be on Capital Tonight’s reporter roundtable between 8 and 9 tonight.

Electric rates are rising.

Senate Republicans want to end TARP.

Brian Mann thinks we’re crummy journalists.

Rock Hackshaw is busy with his next TWO campaigns.

Cabrera still leads Baez.

And below, Jon Meacham talks to Matt Ryan on New York NOW:

Happy Rosh Hashana.

Elsewhere: The Runoffs Cometh