Elsewhere: Weiner’s Breakfast

Bill Thompson may have to go to court to tell a judge why he won’t sign off on the Brookfield project.

Tony Avella gets on television.

Wise Guys ponder Rudy Giuliani’s chances as governor.

A horse trainer explains how he (and New York) lost business to Pennsylvania because of slot machines.

Jay Walder has no plans to push for congestion pricing.

An Independence Party member gets excited about Bloomberg.

Norman Siegel is getting his message out in niche publications, using the same local ad buyer who is helping Bloomberg.

A reader disputes my characterization of Bill de Blasio “inching” towards, Mark Green, and says it feels “more like a surge.”

Another reader has more press criticism.

BigKimMomma23 explains what she considers media bias in favor of John Liu.

Don’t go to school on Tuesday.

The poverty level among seniors nationwide nearly doubles when using the same formula Bloomberg started using here.

“Let me tell you something. I eat guys like you for breakfast,” Anthony Weiner told one disruptive guy at a health care town hall meeting. The meeting was advertised “in local newspapers and constituents who called the office were told about it,” according to his chief of staff.

More pressure on Charlie Rangel to step down.

A critic of Leslie Crocker Snyder goes on HuffPo.

And pictured above is campaign literature hitting City Council member Helen Sears, who is running for re-election in a three-way primary.

Elsewhere: Weiner’s Breakfast