Elsewhere: W.F.P. and D.F.S., Pedro’s ‘Odyssey’

Wayne Barrett writes, “There’s little doubt that Bloomberg’s business interests have become increasingly intertwined with his government.”

Bloomberg is in Sunnyside tonight.

Car lovers, just be glad Bloomberg isn’t like the mayor in Toronto.

The Odyssey of Pedro Espada Jr., hilariously rendered in video.

Bloomberg will speak to five rotary clubs in Staten Island.

Eliot Spitzer’s class is in Hamilton Heights.

David Paterson repeated that it’s up to voters to decide if they want him back in office.

Newsweek says Anthony Weiner is “the new go-to guy for liberal opinions.”

Representative Greg Meeks wants an amendment to the health care bill to prevent further hospital closings.

More charges were lodged against Democratic donor Hassan Nemazee.

Marty Markowitz cemented the Walrus vote.

The city Campaign Finance Board says the Working Families Party and Data and Field Services are the same thing.

That means anything the W.F.P., and D.F.S. spends on behalf of their candidates will count towards the candidates’ spending cap.

The painters union donated $10,000 to Leslie Crocker Snyder yesterday.

The Wichita Eagle says Kansas’ senators should remove their hold on John McHugh’s nomination.

Stimulus money went to fund a sex study at Syracuse University.

Here’s footage of the Manhattan DA debate.

Atlantic Yards, post-Gehry.

The city of Troy wants to buy your guns.

Smug Red Sox fans erupt at Tom Scocca for calling them smug.

Elsewhere: W.F.P. and D.F.S., Pedro’s ‘Odyssey’