Elsewhere: When Yassky Met Sulzberger

Senator Max Baucus delivered details of a health care proposal.

Republicans aren't behind it.

Thompson picked up the firemen's endorsement, and hit Bloomberg on term limits.

This blogger says term limits was the main issue yesterday.

The Awl has some campaign advice for Bill Thompson. (One idea: "Start making fun of Eric Gioia on Twitter.")

Reader anononono says people Michael Bloomberg liked didn't do that well.

Elections could be certified by September 21.

David Yassky meets Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

Dede Scozzafava told David Sommerstein she "can't really answer as to the why-when" of a stock trade in her brother's troubled company.

State Senator Darrel Aubertine will lead a group called "Farmers for Owens."

Doug Hoffman wants to know about Dede Scozzafava and the "radical left."

Keanu Reeves can get into places the feds can't.

Amtrak, get your gun.

Team Lazio.

Eliot Spitzer donated to Adrian Fenty.

ACORN, continued.

Tim Pawlenty will stop Minnesota's funding for ACORN.

Tom Libous dove in, too.

Kirsten Gillibrand voted to protect ACORN funding.

Representative Chris Lee is the third wealthiest member of Congress.

Liz Benjamin cuts against the grain and writes that Thompson's "performance didn't strike me as all that out of character."

Get your posters down!

 The Hotel Trades Council pats itself on the back.

Lisa Colangelo weighs in on the race for Tony Avella's seat.

Sewell Chan remembers the legislative career of Ken Mitchell.

Fernando Cabrera declares victory.

Tom White must be nervous.

Gatemouth keeps going. Elsewhere: When Yassky Met Sulzberger