First Lady Michelle—not That One—Rocked Rachel Roy at Gal-Pow-Wow

Last week, New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams hosted a ladies’ luncheon at her Upper East Side apartment in honor of New York’s first lady, Michelle Paterson. This was the same luncheon at which Ms. Paterson told Ms. Adams that her husband was “hurt” about the White House wanting to muscle him out of office.

Ms. Paterson wore a cream skirt and blazer by the designer Rachel Roy, in a fabric described as cotton linen bouclé, from the designer’s pre-spring ’09 collection ($1,795 for the blazer; $795 for the skirt), to the luncheon. We know this because when Ms. Adams ran her account of the event in the Post on Tuesday morning, Sept. 29, Ms. Roy’s camp sent out an email with the subject line: “Michelle Paterson Wearing Rachel Roy.”

These sorts of “alert” emails are usually reserved for dolled-up starlets. The Transom receives emails daily informing us that Olivia Palermo and Tyra Banks and sometimes, shamelessly, even Ms. Roy herself “are wearing Rachel Roy.” (Don’t be fooled: That is how those side-by-side photos end up in magazines like Us Weekly and InTouch.)

But if New York’s first lady wears your clothes, does it help sales?

“It is always a great feeling no matter who it is. I am always happy when I see women in my designs,” Ms. Roy told the Transom. “Michelle Paterson knows what looks good on her, and I love that she enjoys wearing the clothes.”

Ms. Roy said that she’s been aware for some time that Ms. Paterson was a customer. “She has been very supportive,” she said. Could it be that much like that other first lady named Michelle, Ms. Paterson is getting a little bit more attention for her fashion choices? Alas, according to the governor’s office, Ms. Paterson was touring the Finger Lakes Wine County and not available for comment. 

But speaking of Ms. Obama, it was reported that same day that she wore a red dress by newbie Moises de la Renta in August. That would be son of Oscar, who at one point publicly criticized Ms. O for ignoring American designers.


First Lady Michelle—not That One—Rocked Rachel Roy at Gal-Pow-Wow