Giuliani Drafters Convening This Afternoon

ALBANY—The groups trying to draft Rudy Giuliani will meet in Manhattan today to get on the same page.

Bartle Bull, the former publisher of the Village Voice, told me by phone that representatives of "several Giuliani for Governor groups that have sprung up around the state" will meet in his apartment this afternoon.

"We're just getting started," Bull said. "We just think it's so important to bring Rudy back into public life."

In recent weeks, Bull has publicly made noise about a "Draft Rudy for Governor" committee consisting of himself, former deputy mayor Anthony Coles and "Mrs. Thomas E. Dewey, Jr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr." Brooklyn G.O.P. Chairman Craig Eaton is organizing a similar, party-based group.

I asked Bull about Fred Dicker's column this morning, which floated Giuliani as a candidate for Senate.

"I see him, actually, as entirely capable of both," Bull replied. "He has all the requirements to be a good senator, in terms of leadership and speaking, but the management skills are so rare, even if they're good on the issues. So we're very excited about the governorship question." Giuliani Drafters Convening This Afternoon