Hamptons Summer Ends Not With a Bang, But a … Vrooom!

On Saturday, Sept. 5, during the last and possibly most traffic-congested weekend of the summer, car enthusiasts ogled a parking lot full of Ferraris in front of East Hampton’s Georgica Restaurant and Lounge, as house music blasted in the background. The cars had just returned from the first annual Ferrari Hamptons Rally and were now sitting under the hot afternoon sun, the background for countless posed photographs.

“It’s a nice little reunion of friends and their Ferraris and their toys. You know, accumulating together,” said Federico Galeotti, who said he was the owner of a racing T-shirt company and friend of the man behind the event, Nathanial Christian.

“I got my first Ferrari about three years ago.” Mr. Christian said, “Started out with a 575 Maranella and then I got a 512 TR Testarossa, the Miami Vice car. I had to have it, and now my 599 GTB, and then soon I’ll hopefully be getting the F430.”

The rally had left him fully satisfied. “We had police escorts and we had police blocking off the streets. If only we could have that every weekend when you’re in the Hamptons.”

Page Six editor Richard Johnson was approaching. “Richard was in the lead car—my 599 GTB—and he was a great driver. A lot of fun,” Mr. Christian said.

“This is my first time driving a Ferrari and it was a phenomenal experience.” Mr. Johnson said. “I’ve been coming out here decades and there were some roads that I went on that I had never seen before.”

Standing next to the restaurant was John Basedow, model, author and spokesperson for the workout video and late-night cable advertising sensation Fitness Made Simple. “I’m definitely a Ferrari fan,” Mr. Basedow said. “I like to admire the $2 million Ferrari. Though I would not go to get one, I enjoy being able to be invited to these events so I can pretend like I own it.”

Mr. Basedow said this had been his favorite event of a very wet and bedraggled Hamptons summer. “I was at the opening of polo and I really like this event a lot more because there’s not hurricanelike winds messing up the base ’do,” he said, motioning toward his hair. He was wearing foundation makeup, and it was sweating off. “It’s a nice summer day, kicking off the end of the summer, to give everyone inspiration to go out and make enough money during the year so they go out and buy a Ferrari next year.”

  Hamptons Summer Ends Not With a Bang, But a … Vrooom!